Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What is Autodidactech?

Autodidacticism is a ridiculously long word for self-study. I have been an avid autodidact for many years. In fact, I probably spend more time in self-study than any hobby I have taken up. We're all autodidacts from time to time, but the purpose of this blog is to aggregate the various places one can go to learn about topics that interest me. I do this for myself, but I make it public to the world because at least one other person might find what I record useful.
A common misconception is that autodidacts are lonely people. On the contrary, I find that many autodidacts prefer to engage in dialogue with others because it enhances the process.
Autodidactech is simply a collection of useful references for myself and others who, like me, are interested in learning new things.

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