Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Freeware Multi/Dual Monitor Tools

I've compiled a list of helpful tools I use in my multi/dual monitor configurations. These are all freeware. You may download them from my computer. I excluded one that is commercial (Ultramon) because it's not free although it is outstanding as well.

Explanations are below:

Sizer – allows right-click on taskbar of any window to resize to configurable sizes.

WinSplit Revolution – you have to use this one to really understand it, but it's my favorite. It breaks the screen into quadrants and allows you to use CTRL+ALT and the number keys to arrange the windows on the screen. For example, to make a window use half of the screen, you use CTRL+ALT+6. If you want it to use ¼ of the screen you use CTRL+ALT+9.

DisplayFusion – a few little features in the free version, the pro version has additional features.

  • Drag maximized windows between screens
  • Middle click on a window to move it to another screen
  • Wallpaper – allows you to run different wallpaper on different screens

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