Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Doctor rating websites seem to miss the point

I'm really dissapointed with websites rating doctors. Everyone who the doctor has ever agravated speaks up but no one talks about good experiences. Also, nobody seems to rate what really matters. Besides general better business ratings, I'd like to see more information like this for doctor's offices. Am I off base? Did I miss the best ratings website with my web search?
  1. Was the staff courteous and friendly?
  2. Was the process for registering as a new patient quick and straight forward?
  3. Did the disclosure and consent forms make you want an attorney present?
  4. Was the waiting room clean and comfortable?
  5. If you were on-time, did you have a long wait?
  6. If your were late, were you reminded that you would have to wait until there was a break in the schedule so that those who were on time were not penalized?
  7. After you're called to the examination room, did you have to wait long for the Doctor?
  8. Was there a clear set of credentials (diploma, specialities, etc...) prominently displayed?
  9. Did the doctor attend a University in the United States?
  10. Was the doctor courteous and generous with information?
  11. Do you wish the doctor spent more time talking to or examining you?
  12. If you received a prescription, did you get information about the drug, it's side effects and how to take it from your doctor?
  13. Was the checkout process quick and courteous?
  14. Did they get your medical coding correct so that the insurance company doesn't send you EOB statements that you'll have to follow up on?
  15. If you later made a telephone call, were you called back (within an hour, same day, next day, later, never)
  16. Who returned your calls? (the receptionist, a nurse, a physician's assistant, a doctor, your doctor)
  17. Would you recommend this doctor to a friend or family member?

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