Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Koobface Removal

A friend asked me to do a quick write-up of the Koobface Removal Instructions for sharing with our mutual friends on Facebook. Here's what I did to remove it from another person's computer. Alternatively, you could follow Symantec's removal instructions.
  1. Download the Malicious Software Removal Tool:
  2. Reboot with F8 into safemode, be sure watch the bottom of the screen for a prompt hit ESC to skip loading drivers. I always like to shutdown the computer before booting just to be sure that the RAM has been purged. It's a habit I developed back when computers with 4 GB hard drives were all the rage.
  3. Run the Malicious Software Removal Tool with a full scan (will take a couple of hours)
  4. Hopefully this will identify and remove it, it does give you a prompt in the end explaining what it did.

1 comment:

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